Advancing age puts seniors at risk for a number of dental problems. Root decay, gum disease and dry mouth are some of the common issues that are preventable with early detection, care and education.

We invite all Grey Power members to enrol in our affordable Preventive Dental Care.

For $10.00 a month or $60.00 per visit, we offer:

  • Comprehensive dental exam once every 6 months
  • Diagnostic xrays
  • Thorough gum care (scale and polish)
  • Oral health education for easy home routine and advice on dry mouth caused by medication.

Eligibility - All seniors over the age of 65.

Must enrol before 30/06/2019

Special consideration to include all Grey Power members 55 and above.

(Must present membership card during enrolment)

80 Arawa Street Matamata
Tel: 078887490